India Hate Lab (IHL)

PBS: Why elections in India, the world’s largest democracy, are crucial to watch

“These events have sent shockwaves among critics and dissidents, who are extremely worried about their own safety. with questions as to who is next on the list”, said Raqib Naik, a U.S. based journalist and founder of India Hate Lab, a research group that documents hate speech and polarization. Naik said that even in the course of his work, he faces constant threats . In 2023, India Hate Lab documented 668 hate speech events targeting Muslims, 3/4th of them were in BJP ruled states and federally governed territories.

Naik’s other website has been banned in India and its twitter handle suspended ahead of the general elections under a controversial information and technology law. Naik’s website tracks, verifies and records hate crimes and hate speeches, often made by far-right extremists linked to Modi’s party.

Last year’s allegations of transnational killings have added to the environment of fear among dissident groups.

“After the assassination plot, some dissidents abroad have chosen to self-censor, while others have started to take security precautions. There is visible fear and anxiety and the Biden administration’s response has fallen short in assuring the community,” said Naik.

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