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Hate in Rhymes: The Toxic Mix of Hindutva Pop, Social Media and its Global Reach

By N Fathima Kunal Purohit is an award-winning independent journalist, documentary filmmaker, and author who has written extensively on development, politics, inequality, and the rise of Hindu nationalism.  Kunal’s recent book, “H-Pop: The Secretive World of Hindutva Pop Stars” delves into the infiltration of Hindutva (Hindu nationalist) ideology into popular culture and its alarming consequences, […]

Harvesting Hate: The Impact of Hate Speech in Rural India

By Deeksha Udupa Parth M.N. is an award-winning journalist who reports on marginalized communities and social inequality in rural India for various Indian and international publications. In light of the surge in hate speech incidents, communal tensions, and violence, Parth M.N. shares insights into the ground realities of communal disharmony and the proliferation of hate […]